The best brands
make it look easy.
It isn’t.


New York Philharmonic

One of the world’s leading orchestras, the New York Philharmonic wanted a visual identity that would convey something of the immediacy and excitement of its performances. Ideally the new identity would also reflect the boldness and swagger that sets New York itself apart from other cities.


Deutsche Telekom

MetaDesign is making the progressive development of the Deutsche Telekom brand visible in three dimensions with a comprehensive internal and external orientation system. A material concept designed for use throughout Europe provides more than just clearly recognizable signage that’s easy to follow. The customized product design for each location implicitly transports the innovative attributes of the brand, bringing them to life at every touchpoint.



The sooner a new brand can connect with its audience, the better its chances for success. Embark offers DNA test kits for dog owners. There’s science, lots of it, but also a healthy sense of play. The brand we created captures this duality with a bold, iconic form and a winking tone of voice. The variable logo showcases the differences between dog breeds but also their common ancestry.


Text generator lets you write anything in the style of the Stranger Things title sequence:

Work with Us

Careers at MetaDesign

Working at MetaDesign means different things to different people. What we share, whether our focus is strategy or design, client services or human resources, is an appreciation for being part of an international team dedicated to helping brands find their way in the world.

Behind the curtain

A look at studio life

Squirrels on choppers? Espresso art? You never know what you’ll see on MetaDesign SF’s Instagram feed.

Treat Yourself

Interactive internet snacks

Meta Snacks are little candies crafted to show how fun clicks can be.